L29 Connector For Copper Cable

L29 Connector For Copper Cable
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L29 Connectors for copper cable

L29(7/16 DIN) series is larger threaded coaxial connectors produced in accordance with the relevant requirements IEC169-4. 7/16 DIN connector has a strong, stable, low loss, and high operating voltage. Most of 7/16 din RF connector has a waterproof structure, and is widely used for microwave transmission of a mobile communication system. 

Key performance
Characteristic Impedance: 50 Ohm 
Frequency range: 0~7.5GHz
Contact resistance:
         Center conductor ≤ 1.0m Ohm 
         Out conductor ≤ 0.5m Ohm 
Insulator voltage withstanding: 2700V 

Insulation resistance: ≥ 10000m Ohm 
VSWR: ≤ 1.30
Connector durability: 500 cycles
Applicable spec/std: IEC169-4

Center contacts:
         Male---brass, silver plated or gold plated.
         Female---phosphor bronze or beryllium copper, silver plated
Bodies other metal parts:
         Brass, silver plated or nickel plated
Insulators: TFE
Crimp ferrule: copper, nickel plated.
Gasket and seal rings: silicone rubber
Crimp ferrule: copper, nickel plated 

Heat-shrink tubing: thermofit plastic.


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