Adapter Security Performance Is Good

The characteristics of adapter are: 1, power efficiency is high, 2, easy to carry, 3, convenient wiring, 4, wide range of products, 5, products with Super anti-interference.

Adapter Features:

1, the power supply efficiency is high, the circuit has the consummation protection measure (covers over the flow. Over the pressure), the power supply has the short-circuit protection, Adapter the load short-circuit or overload, the product will automatically protect. is a super reliable power supply.

2, light weight, easy to carry, replace the traditional transformer. Power products are divided into indoor use and outdoor use of two categories of products, outdoor use of closed potting products, waterproof moisture, suitable for a variety of environments, easy to install, can be hung or flat on the supporting object; Adapter the product body used in the household has no waterproof function and is only suitable for installation indoors.

3, Wiring convenience: products with input and output connectors or terminals, product nameplate on the logo "input" for the power input, access to the corresponding mains power; Output "For the power supply, connected to the corresponding use of electrical appliances, output" + "connector is extremely extreme, output"-"electrical connector negative extreme." The conventional also has the DC head, the aviation head, the waterproof joint, Adapter the polar connection, the needle joint (also may according to the customer request custom).

Adapter Features:

1, good safety performance, high reliability, safety in accordance with the application for certification standards and procedures for production

2, the use of original authentic electronic components, circuit board has over pressure, over-current, short-circuit protection function;

3, the use of OB green Power IC scheme, low power design, efficiency of more than 83%, static power consumption is minimal, low heat, full load high-temperature burner, 100% after 4 hours of rigorous aging test, Adapter constant pressure constant current test, low rate of poor, quality assurance

4, the material does not contain (and does not exceed the stipulation, the limit scope) Europe limits/disables cadmium, the chromium, the lead, the mercury, the PBB, the Pbde six kinds of poisonous substances.

5, compact structure, small size, fine appearance

6, the product through the United States UL, Canada CUL/CSA, European tuv/gs, CE, British BS, Australian SAA, Korea KC, Japan PSE, as well as RoHS, LVD, CEC, EMC, FCC, CB and other safety certification

7, packaging method: According to the different requirements of customers packaging