Adapters Can Work In A Wide Range Of Voltages

Adapter of the general class there are many, adapters are only one of the general laptop, mobile phones and other equipment will use the adapter, in short, the use of adapters is very wide.

An adapter is an interface converter that can be an independent hardware interface device that allows hardware or electronic interfaces to be connected to other hardware or electronic interfaces or an information interface. For example: adapters, tripod base transfer parts, Adapter USB and serial port transfer equipment.

In reality, the adapters we touch are mostly switching power supplies. Switching power supply refers to the adoption of modern electronic technology, control switch tube opening and turn-off time ratio, maintain a stable output voltage of a power supply, Adapter the adapter switching power supply is generally pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET composition, benefits: high conversion efficiency, small size, can work in wide voltage range.

Adapter Features:

1, the power supply efficiency is high, the circuit has the consummation protection measure (covers over the flow. Over the pressure), the power supply has the short-circuit protection, the load short-circuit or overload, the product will automatically protect. Adapter It is a kind of super strong reliability power supply.

2, light weight, easy to carry, replace the traditional transformer. Power products are divided into indoor use and outdoor use of two categories of products, outdoor use of closed potting products, waterproof moisture, Adapter suitable for a variety of environments, easy to install, can be hung or flat on the supporting object; the product body used in the household has no waterproof function and is only suitable for installation indoors.

3, Wiring convenience: products with input and output connectors or terminals, product nameplate on the logo "input" for the power input, access to the corresponding mains power; Output "For the power supply, Adapter connected to the corresponding use of electrical appliances, output" + "connector is extremely extreme, output"-"electrical connector negative extreme." The conventional also has the DC head, the aviation head, the waterproof joint, the polar connection, Adapter the needle joint (also may according to the customer request custom).