Characteristics Of Precision Connectors

A precision connector comprises a housing connected to a circuit board, two or more than two terminals fixed to the housing, a cover on the housing, and two fixed plates fixed to the housing; the positioning edge above the insertion position of the lid is higher than the end of the terminal which is affixed with the cover state, Precision Connector and the front surface of the cover is machined with a convex table above the upper surface, and the upper surface is machined with an outstretched edge of the protruding front surface. 

The high resilience of the precision connector can keep the cover and cover state; it can prevent the short circuit when the metal foreign body is dropped into the FPC precision connector, Precision Connector and ensure the connection quality of the electrical apparatus, the convex table and the lid of the switch which is convenient to assemble along the structure can effectively reduce the height of the product.

Precision connectors are a part of our electronic engineering technicians. Its role is very simple: in the circuit blocked or isolated between the circuit, the bridge to communicate, so that the current flow, so that the circuit to achieve the intended function. The precision connector is an indispensable part of the electronic equipment, along the current flow of observation, you will always find that there is one or more precision connectors. Precision Connector The form and structure of precision connectors are ever-changing, with the application of objects, frequencies, power, application environment, and so on, there are different types of precision connectors. For example, precision connectors for lighting on the pitch and precision connectors for hard drives, Precision Connector as well as precision connectors for igniting rockets, are very different. However, no matter what kind of precision connectors, we must ensure that the current flow smoothly, continuously and reliably. For the most part, the precision Connector is not limited to current, in the rapid development of optoelectronic technology today, in optical fiber systems, Precision Connector the carrier of the transmission signal is light, glass and plastic to replace the common circuit of the wire, but the optical signal path is also the use of precision connectors, they function with the same circuit precision connectors.

The function of precision connectors is mainly three aspects: first, can be in a single device of the circuit board and a single electrical components to achieve electrical connection; second, if standardized interconnection is used, Precision Connector can make devices made by different companies work together to build a network in one block to meet the needs of business or community; third, the design achieves reliable function to withstand the known working environment and equipment eye must work intensity.

For the requirements of the cable communication system for precision connectors, the following aspects should be considered in the design:

1. Gold-plated contact interface, used to ensure higher wear resistance and good electrical characteristics;

2. Redundant contact interface to ensure reliability;

3. Can choose gas-tight or PCB welding;

4. External characteristics of the shell to facilitate the insertion of guidance and guidance;

5. With different pin height to ensure that the signal and grounding of the sequence of connection;

6. High-power power supply to use special terminals, Precision Connector and signal contact terminals to be different;

7. To ensure the EMI characteristics and chassis grounding.