L29(7/16) Series Coaxial Cable Connector

L29 Connectors

L29(7/16) series coaxial cable connector is larger threaded coaxial connectors produced in accordance with the relevant requirements IEC169-4. Has a strong, stable, low loss, and high operating voltage. Most of the DIN RF connector has a waterproof structure, and is widely used for microwave transmission of a mobile communication system. Both 7/16 DIN male connector and 7/16 DIN female connector are available here.

China factory 7/16 RFcable connector for coupler

China factory 7/16 RFcable connector for coupler


Temperature Range

-55~+155°C (PE Cable -40~+85°C)




100m/S2 (10~500Hz)

Frequency Range


Insertion Loss

≤ 0.15dB/6GHz

Withstanding Voltage

4000V r.m.s   at sea level

Working Voltage

2700Vr.m.s   at sea level

Average power

3Kw max

Insulation Resistance

≥ 10000 MΩ

Center conductor retention force

≥ 6N


≥ 500(cycles)

Contact resistance:

CenterContact ≤ 0.4mΩ

Outer Contact ≤ 1.5mΩ

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio:


≤ 1.20/6GHz

Right angle

≤ 1.35/6GHz


Product Description

1. All materials are RoHS approved 

   2.Competitive price

   3.OEM service offered

  4.We are able to supply various types of connector according to clients’ requirement

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