Performance Characteristics Of SMA Connectors

SMA connectors for the frequency range of 0~18ghz, is subminiature, suitable for semi-rigid or soft RF coaxial cable connection, with small size, superior performance, high reliability, long service life and so on. However, the small-sized joints are easily damaged in engineering, SMA Connector suitable for high performance microwave applications such as internal connections of microwave devices.

The SMA connector is an outer conductor with an inner diameter of 4.13mm, the characteristic impedance is 50ω, and the connecting mechanism is the connector of the inch thread (the outer thread is 1/4-36UNS-2A and the inner thread is 1/4-36uns-2b). generally equipped with 7.85mm~8mm Six-side connection nut, SMA Connector according to the applicable conditions, evenly distributed on the connecting nut has a minimum diameter of 0. Three safe wire holes for 41mm, used to penetrate the diameter of 0.38mm safety wire to improve the reliability of SMA connectors.

The wall of the SMA connector is very thin and must be manufactured with strength, toughness, and good alloy material (such as Beryllium copper alloy) and should be properly heat treated.

The wall of the outer conductor of the SMA pin connector is thin, and should be made of a good alloy material (such as beryllium copper alloy, stainless steel). SMA Connector When the strength of the metal is poor, the tightening torque is large, and the failure of the external conductor collapse may occur. Connecting mechanism is thread, the connection separates slowly, and needs the larger wrench space, SMA Connector not suitable for high-density installation.

Performance characteristics:

Because of the different structure form, the use frequency range, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) and insertion loss of various SMA connectors are different, SMA Connector and they are stipulated in the applicable standards. For example, in the current effective GJB680/2, GJB680/28, gjb680/31 the frequency range of SMA connector, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), SMA Connector insertion loss is different.

The SMA connector comprises an inner conductor, a housing and an insulator situated between the inner conductor and the enclosure, wherein the insulator is a ring body and a through hole is arranged along its axial direction in the ring body. The SMA connector of the invention adopts a through hole in the insulator, SMA Connector and the dielectric constant is mixed with the air and PTFE, and the dielectric constant of PTFE is 2.1; the air permittivity is 1, the mixed dielectric constant is 1.5, and the mixed medium is used, which not only satisfies the purpose of effective support of the medium, but also Thus the beneficial effect of improving the available frequency is achieved. As the optimum, SMA Connector the number of holes is six, in the insulating body as a circular uniform, the SMA connector, the invention can be used to test frequency to 18500MHz; Standing wave: Less than 1. Mr. Dc-18000mhz.