Precision Connector Production Efficiency Greatly Improved

As the precision connector processing in the manufacturing industry's primary effect, fine mold production mold manufacturing industry has always been the world's industrialized countries concerned and attention, in fact, mold planning and manufacturing itself has become a major category of manufacturing. Precision Connector Due to the characteristics of the mold itself, the modern mold company mostly embodies the characteristics of technology, fund and high-quality labor and high social efficiency, mold manufacturing industry has become a part of high-tech manufacturing industry.Therefore, the level of mold technology has become a measure of a National manufacturing level of the primary symbol, Precision Connector but also adhere to the national competitiveness of these countries in the field of shopping malls.

Since the reform and opening up, in the mold industry to start on the government of China also give preferential support for the policy, fine mold production of China's mold industry, the appearance of a fundamental change.To sum up: First, Precision Connector the precision connector processing industry is basically The company's self-produced self-supporting, attached to the production of the tooling work, started into a considerable scale, with high-tech characteristics of the funds covered by cloth, technology-intensive equipment manufacturing industry. Second, Precision Connector the mold produced from Mainly to the traditional, fitter master-led technology-based technology production methods, into a wide selection of digital, information technology program production technology of modern industrial production era.

The precision connector includes a connector comprising a PIN pin, a glue core, a housing and a housing connected together, the core being provided with a first projection, the housing including a housing body and a housing And the upper pin of the lower row 10PIN pin and the upper row of the 9PIN pins each include a welding portion which is welded with the rubber core and the self- The extension portion extending from one side of the welding portion and the other 1PIN needle in the upper row 10PIN pin is not provided with an extension portion, Precision Connector and only one welded portion and a coupling portion extending from one side of the welding portion are provided, So that the grounding wire can be directly welded to the PIN pin without the extension part. When the welding is made, 20 PIN pins, the glue core and the wiring material are welded together by the automatic soldering machine, So, to reduce a manual hand welding ground process, wire speed greatly improved, making the production efficiency greatly improved.