Precision Connectors Are Widely Used In Semiconductor Equipment

A precision connector includes a housing that is connected to a circuit board, two or more than two terminals fixed to the housing, a cover mounted on the housing, two fixed plates side-fixed to the housing, and the positioning edge above the insertion position of the lid is higher than the terminal top of the cover in the closed state. The front surface of the lid is machined to a convex table above the upper surface, Precision Connector and the upper surface is machined with a protruding edge of the front surface. The high resilience of the FPC precision Connector can keep the cover and cover state; it can prevent the short circuit when the metal foreign body falls into the FPC connector, and ensure the connection quality of the electrical apparatus, Precision Connector the convex table and the lid of the switch which is conveniently assembled along the structure can effectively reduce the height of the product.

Precision connectors are ideal for small, stylish consumer electronics with two mounting positions that provide greater flexibility for the size design of terminal equipment. Electronic products to a more sophisticated direction of development also led to the development of electrical connectors to precision, Precision Connector electrical connectors to the direction of precision development is the trend of the development of electrical connectors.

Precision connectors are widely used in semiconductor equipment, and play a role in connection.

Precision connectors have different appearances depending on the application, but the overall pogo pin has a precision spring structure inside. The surface of the product is generally gilded

Thimble to achieve power or conduction, most through the oblique downward surface contact with the copper wall, the spring undertakes a small amount, so the copper sleeve inner wall smooth. Precision Connector such as Pogopin factory made of non oblique section, but the bottom of the flat, most of the current will be all through the Spring Guide, the spring requirements will be very high. Of course, to ensure a sudden increase in the current, the phenomenon of power outages. (This is a little bit of my experience in the actual use of the process)

The Precision connector is a spring probe which is formed by the riveting and pressing of three basic parts of a needle shaft, a spring and a syringe, and has a precise spring structure inside. Precision Connector Pogo Pin surface plating is generally gilded, can better improve its anti-corrosion function, mechanical properties, electrical properties.