Reliability Of Adapter

The adapter is an AC power source. Many electrical appliances need adapters. Just in commercial products with the name of the adapter, in fact, plainly is an AC power, Adapter in the industrial field we call the switching power supply, but the appearance of a little difference.

Standard for Adapter

1, back to safety standards EN60335, EN60950, UL60950, as/nz60950, EN61558, j60950gb4943, GB17625; Electromagnetic compatibility CISPR22, Class B, EN55022, FCC insulation grade B.

2, 19v4.75A power supply, Model: FY1904750 trademark: Fuyuang

1, stress test: Product each lead terminal can withstand axial tensile force of 2 kilograms, the duration of 60 seconds, no loose, blocking, or other damage phenomenon.

2, DROP test: products from the height of 90CM,-each direction once, Adapter fall in thickness of 1 CM Pine Board surface, no abnormalities, insulation resistance testing, the smallest 10M ohms. Refer to GB/t 4857.

3, Wire swing test: wire lifting weight 200 grams, Adapter sway angle of 120 degrees, 300 rounds still need to guide. Refer to ul-817/jisc8306.

Input and output characteristics

1. Input voltage voltage:


100VAC Hz 110VAC Hz 264VAC Hz

2 Voltage Output Voltage:


24VDC 7.5A 24vdc±7. $number 240mvp-p MAX

3. Adapter Input current:

NO LOAD ac 100V Hz ac 110V Hz AC 264V Hz

4, Input power: no-load 0.5 W max, at input voltage 100-240vac $number Hz. Load: 200W max.

5, efficiency efficiency: $number MIN. At rated INPUT and OUTPUT

6, temperature rising temperature rise: 65℃max.

7, Insulation RESISTANCE insulation Resistance: 500vdc100 mωmin.

8, withstand voltage test: 5mA $number VAC time 1 minutes, Adapter in the input and output, input and shell between, time one minutes, Adapter in the choice to increase withstand pressure 5%, the application time is 1 seconds.


1, working environment temperature range: -29℃to + 45 ℃.

2, storage environment temperature range: -40℃to + 75 ℃.

3, heat resistance: After testing the product, placed in the 105℃±3℃ high-temperature box, after 16 hours, the test, insulation resistance: 500VDC not less than ten M ohms, in the input and output, input and between the shell.

4, Humidity Resistance: in the ambient temperature of 40℃±2℃ relative humidity of 90% ~ 95% conditions placed 8 hours, Adapter out of 10 minutes after the test, insulation resistance: input to output, in 500VDC conditions, the smallest 10M ohms.


Rated full load, operating temperature 25 ℃. Product life within 30,000 hours.


1, current protection: the product built-in a current fuse, Adapter type 250V 3 A, fixed in the input circuit.

2. Short-circuit protection: with continuous short circuit and automatic recovery ability.