SMA Connector Usage Frequency

The SMA connector is a connector with an outer conductor diameter of 4.13 mm, a characteristic impedance of 50 Ω, and a coupling mechanism of an inch thread (male thread of 1 / 4-36UNS-2A, internal thread of 1 / 4-36UNS-2B). Generally equipped with 7.85mm ~ 8mm hexagonal nut, according to the applicable conditions, evenly distributed in the connection nut with a minimum diameter of 0.41mm three safety wire hole, used to pass through the diameter of 0.38mm safety wire to improve the SMA Reliability of the use of the connector.

SMA connector jack wall is very thin, must use the strength, toughness of the alloy material (such as beryllium copper alloy) manufacturing, SMA Connector and to the appropriate heat treatment.

The wall of the outer conductor of the SMA pin connector is thin and should be made of a good alloy material (such as beryllium copper alloy, stainless steel). The use of poor strength of the metal manufacturing, tightening torque is large, there may be outside the collapse of the phenomenon of failure. SMA Connector The connection mechanism is threaded, the connection is slow, and requires a larger wrench space, not suitable for high-density installation.

Due to the different form of structure, the frequency range, voltage VSWR and insertion loss of various SMA connectors are also different, and are specified in the respective applicable standards. For example, in the current effective GJB680 / 2, GJB680 / 28, GJB680 / 31 in the provisions of the SMA connector adapter frequency range, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), insertion loss is different.

The SMA connector is designed for use in 0.141 "semi-hard coaxial cables, as well as in the military industry as a precision connector for microwave applications, filled with polytetrafluoroethylene media. At the time of the condition, the SMA connector is small The higher frequency (with a frequency range of DC ~ 18GHz; with a soft cable for DC ~ 12.4GHz) work, and soon get universal. SMA Connector Even later developed millimeter-wave connector.

SMA connectors are suitable for use in radio frequency circuits for microwave equipment and digital communication systems to connect RF cables or microstrip lines. The SMA series RF coaxial connector is a smaller RF coaxial connector with a threaded impedance of 50Ω and a frequency range of 0 to 18GHz. It has a wide bandwidth, excellent performance, high reliability and long life.