SMA Connectors With Excellent Performance

The SMA connector is suitable for application in the microwave field of frequency range up to 18GHz. Applications such as telecommunications, networking, wireless communications and testing and measuring instruments. SMA Connector It has the characteristics of frequency bandwidth, excellent performance, high reliability and long life.

The SMA connector is a coaxial connector with a wide range of small threaded connections, which has a frequency bandwidth. Excellent performance, SMA Connector high reliability and long life characteristics. The SMA connector is suitable for connecting RF cables or microstrip lines in the RF circuits of microwave devices and digital communication systems.

Characteristics of SMA connectors

Structural features

1 The SMA connector is an outer conductor with an inner diameter of 4.13mm, the characteristic impedance is 50ω, and the connecting mechanism is the connector of the inch thread (the outer thread is 1/4-36UNS-2A and the inner thread is 1/4-36uns-2b).

2 SMA connectors are generally equipped with 7.85mm~8mm Six-square connection nut, SMA Connector according to the applicable conditions, evenly distributed on the connecting nut has a minimum diameter of 0.41mm of three secure wire holes, used to penetrate the diameter of 0.38mm safety wire to improve the reliability of SMA connectors.

3) The wall of the SMA connector is very thin and must be made of the alloy material with good strength and toughness, such as beryllium copper alloy, SMA Connector and should be properly heat treated.

4 The wall of the outer conductor of the SMA pin connector is thin, and should be made of a good alloy material (such as beryllium copper alloy, stainless steel). SMA Connector When the strength of the metal is poor, the tightening torque is large, and the failure of the external conductor collapse may occur.

5 The connecting mechanism is threaded, the connection/separation is slow, SMA Connector and the larger wrench space is needed, which is not suitable for high-density installation.

6 SMA connectors have a variety of structural forms, according to the end of the way can be divided into: cable connectors, Ribbon Line/Microstrip connector, PCB connectors, SMA Connector short circuit and a variety of connectors.