SSMA Connectors Are Widely Used In The Field Of Communication

The SSMA connector is a small threaded-connected RF coaxial connector with similar structure to SMA. SSMA Connector It has the characteristics of small volume, SSMA Connector high operating frequency, and high reliability. Widely used in the field of communication.

Main technical performance:

Characteristic impedance: 50ω;

Frequency range: 0~40ghz;

Contact Resistance:

Inner conductor: ≤5 0mω;

Outer conductor: ≤2 5mω;

Insulation Resistance: ≥1000mω;

Medium Voltage: 750V;

Voltage standing wave ratio: ≤1.07+0.04f (GHz);

Connector durability: 500 times.

SSMA Connector Introduction

The head fits the size of the FGJB5246, SSMA Connector so it can be interconnected with similar products abroad.

Connectors with threaded locking mechanisms, the connector thread is 10-36unf.

The SSMA connector can be connected with a sft-50-2-type semi-rigid cable and a sff-50-1 soft cable, SSMA Connector and can also be connected with a waveguide, microstrip, or ribbon line.

Operating frequency up to 26GHz, up to 40GHz.

The connector is widely used in aerospace, microwave communication and precision electronic equipment.

Product Features: Small size, reliable connection, SSMA Connector good anti-vibration performance, high frequency of use