Standard Connectors Comply With ANSI Standards

The standard connector is a device for connecting a circuit conductor to another circuit conductor, or a transmission element and another transmission element; in two circuit subsystems, the standard connector provides a detachable interface, which The performance of the interface on the system can not lead to unacceptable effects. The standard connector, generally referred to as an electrical standard connector, Standard Connectors is a device that connects two active devices to transmit current or signals; it is usually mounted on a cable (cable) or equipment that is electrically connected to the transmission system Separable device.

The standard connector is a component that is frequently accessed by an electronic engineering technician. Its role is very simple: in the circuit is blocked or isolated between the circuit, set up a bridge of communication, so that the current flow, Standard Connectors so that the circuit to achieve a predetermined function. The standard connector is an indispensable part of an electronic device, along with an electrical component and an essential component that constitutes a complete system. Current flow path observation, people will always find one or more standard connectors.

Standard connector form and structure of the ever-changing, with the application of objects, frequency, power, application environment and other factors, there will be a variety of different forms of standard connector. Such as standard connectors for home-made wire connections, standard connectors for lighting on the court, standard connectors for hard disk drives, standard connectors for communication networks, Standard Connectors standard connectors for rocket launchers, and other standard connectors for different needs and occasions Shape, structure, performance, indicators are very different. However, no matter what kind of standard connector, need to ensure that the flow of current or signal should be smooth and continuous flow of reliable. With the development of science and technology and technological progress, especially in the rapid development of optoelectronic technology today, the standard connector is connected not only the current or simple signal, in the optical fiber system, the carrier of the signal is light, Standard Connectors glass and plastic Instead of the ordinary circuit of the wire, can be long-distance transmission, optical signal standard connector plays a very important role.

Long-term use for economic considerations is an ideal choice for high temperature applications. The NHXH standard connector has a permanent color point that complies with the ANSI standard. For applications such as high vacuum furnaces that may adversely affect the process, the UHXH standard connector has a removable color mark point. Temperature is limited only by hardware. CHROMEGA®-ALOMEGA®, Tycorine and CHROMEGA® can be used at temperatures up to 650 ° C (1200 ° F), and copper can be used accurately throughout its calibration range of 399 ° C (750 ° F) The Precious metal calibration is limited by the compensation alloy at an ambient temperature of 260 ° C (500 ° F). Exposure to higher temperatures will not cause damage, but if there is a temperature gradient in the standard connector, the accuracy may exceed the error limits.