Standard Connectors Play An Important Role

Standard connector or connection head, also known as connectors, plugs or sockets, English is connector. In particular, a standard connector is a device for connecting a circuit conductor with another circuit conductor, Standard Connectors or a transmission element with another transmission element; in two circuit subsystems, a standard connector provides a separable interface in which the performance of the system cannot cause unacceptable effects. A standard connector, generally referred to as an electrical standard connector, is a device connected to two active devices, Standard Connectors used to transmit current or signal, usually mounted on a cable or equipment for a separable device electrically connected to the transmission system.

The standard connector forms and the structure are protean, with the Application object, frequency, power, application environment and other factors, there will be a variety of different forms of standard connectors. For example: The standard connectors for home furnishing wires, the standard connectors for lighting on the court, the standard connectors for hard drives, the standard connectors for communication networks, the standard connectors for the ignition of rockets, and the standard connector for different needs and occasions are of great difference in shape, structure, performance and index. However, no matter what kind of standard connectors, Standard Connectors it is necessary to ensure that the flow of the current or signal should be smooth flow continuously and reliably. With the development of technology and technological progress, especially in the rapid development of photoelectron technology today, the standard connector is not only connected to the current or simple signal, Standard Connectors in the optical fiber system, its transmission signal carrier is light, glass and plastic instead of the ordinary circuit of the wire, can be long-distance transmission, optical signal standard connectors play a very important role.

Standard connector has become a complete range of products, Standard Connectors varieties of rich structure, structural types, professional direction subdivision, industry characteristics, the standard system of serialization and specialization of a variety of products; and with the progress of technology, the standard connector will form the following "eight": signal transmission digitization, high-speed transmission speed, All kinds of signal transmission integration, small miniaturization of product volume, low cost of products, plug-and-connect end-way labeling, modular combination, Plug and draw convenience.