The Development Of Precision Connectors

As the precision connector processing in the manufacturing industry's primary effect, fine mold production mold manufacturing industry has always been the world's industrialized countries concerned and attention, in fact, mold planning and manufacturing itself has become a major category of manufacturing. Due to the characteristics of the mold itself, the modern mold company mostly embodies the technical density, the density of funds and the high quality labor force and the high social benefit characteristic, Precision Connector the mold manufacturing industry has become the high-tech manufacturing profession part.Therefore, the mold technology level has already become a measure National manufacturing level of the primary symbol, but also adhere to the country's products in the world of shopping malls on the advantages of the base competitiveness.

Since the reform and opening up, in the mold industry on the start of our government also give preferential support for the policy, fine mold production of China's mold industry, the appearance of a fundamental change. To sum up: First, the precision connector processing industry is basically The company's self-produced self-supporting, attached to the production of the tooling work, Precision Connector started into a considerable scale, with high-tech characteristics of the funds covered by the type of technology-intensive equipment manufacturing industry. Second, the mold produced from Mainly to the traditional, fitter master-oriented technology-based production methods, into a wide selection of digital, information technology program production technology of modern industrial production era.

Precision connector to see the wire off, the first to remove the computer ECU and the sensor at both ends of the precision connector, and then measure the terminal between the corresponding resistance, such as the resistance value of not more than 1 ohm, Precision Connector then clear the wire in order to stop the next step. In measuring the resistance of the wire, it is best to shake the wires in both vertical and horizontal directions to improve the accuracy of the measurement, and pay attention to the large number of wire couplings, multimeter table rods should be stuck from the back of the precision connector, but for Waterproof couplings with waterproof sleeves can not be stabbed from the rear end because they are distressed when they are stuck.

With the arrival of the culmination of the precision connector mall, the 2011 China Precision Connector Mall has emerged a new feature, the precision connector industry to further intensify, precision connector maker competition gradually evolved into the precision connector agent contest . Precision connector The depth of the shopping mall is gradually expanding, the precision connector agent competition has gradually become the mainstream of the precision connector shopping malls competition.Now, the Chinese region of precision connector production agents are mainly molex precision connector agents, AMP precision Connector agents, Precision Connector Amphenol precision connector agents, the national region to carry out the most robust in Guangzhou.

Now molex precision connector shopping malls on the main competition is the brand, commodity features and prices, after-sales service competition during which customers usually first consider the price of precision connector products. Authoritative experts obtained by query, now in the precision connector career , Especially the rapid promotion of the network to carry out the era of e-commerce must have become a precision connector professional development of the main trend, but the precision connector online transactions to be further carried out.

The development of the precision connector industry is now further into the network age, and the network is a messy "big market", the network engaged in precision connector acquisition practitioners will have a common occupational characteristics - "irritability", which Is due to the popularity of the network will be the result, so the future of precision connector agents to truly grasp the network precision connector customers, will be able to enter the precision of the connector network to compete for a chances.