The Market Condition Of The Connector

The miniature connector is used for connection between an input device such as a mouse, a keyboard, and a host, which includes an insulating body, a shielded housing, and a plurality of terminals. Wherein the insulating body has a plurality of plug holes for insertion of the plug and a terminal receiving hole through which the insertion hole is inserted inwardly. The head of the terminal is accommodated in the terminal receiving hole and the rear portion protrudes from the rear surface of the insulating body and is welded To the printed circuit board, Miniature Connectors and the cylindrical shield case is covered on the periphery of the insulating body. Each of the left and right sides of the shelter shell has a pin, each pin is provided with a step, the step part is supported on the upper surface of the circuit board, the two steps together with the tail of the terminal constitute a certain plane, so that the micro-connector The positioning on the motherboard is solid and reliable.

The development of miniature connectors

The miniaturization of the connector was developed by the miniaturization of military electronic equipment. As early as World War II, the United States in the military equipment used in the center from 2.54mm non-sealed rectangular connector. Miniature Connectors The miniaturization of the connector in the sixties and seventies has been rapid development, the center from the 2.54mm connector has a common product, in individual military occasions even up to 0.381 mm. At that time, the development of micro-connector has a very high level.

In recent years, the rapid development of electronic technology, product upgrading, portable products increasingly popular, greatly promote the development of a micro-connector, micro-connector development has reached a new stage. Spacing 1.27mm connector technology is basically mature. Miniature Connectors The general product spacing has reached 1.0mm ~ 0.8mm level. At present there have been 0.3mm ultra-mini FPC connector products. Overall, the size of the connector, the weight is also a significant decline. Such as Molex introduced on the I / O on the ultra-thin 890 series D-Sub socket space than the traditional model to reduce 40%. French manufacturers of B802-type connector products only 1g.

Micro connector market conditions

Micro-connector applications are very broad, from the computer, communications equipment to industrial test equipment, from military equipment to new consumer electronics and other micro-connector products have different degrees of demand.

Laptops have the greatest demand for miniature connectors. In the next decade, laptops, palmtop computers will become mainstream PC, a lightweight notebook computer requires a large number of different types of micro-connectors, including components a substrate, a board, a sub-system subsystem, Miniature Connectors O-and other interconnection products such as IC sockets, FPC, PBC, D-Sub and other types of connectors, the vast majority of these products are separated from the 1.27mm miniature products

The connector for the communication device is also developed in the direction of miniaturization, and the host to the micro connector is a pager, a mobile phone, and the like. Modern communications technology with each passing day, I believe micro-connector in the new communications technology, Miniature Connectors the application will be more and more widely.

In the military, due to changes in the international situation, the military connector market continues to shrink, the demand for micro-connector may slow down, but to adapt to the harsh environment of military electronic equipment and high reliability requirements is to promote micro-connector technology development The main driving force, the various periods of high-grade micro-connector products are often in the aviation, modern military electronic equipment and new weapons and other cutting-edge military equipment to be the first to use, can be predicted in the upcoming 21st century, modern military equipment is still miniature connection R & D, Miniature Connectors application of one of the important areas.