TNC To SMA Adapters

 If you require a special RF cable assembly configuration not found here, you can create your own RF cable assembly configuration by calling our sales department.

Temperature Range
-55~+155°C (PE Cable -40~+85°C)
98m/S2 (10~2000Hz), 10g
Frequency Range
DC-12.4GHz(semi-rigid cable DC-18 GHz)
Insertion Loss
≤ 0.15dB/6GHz
Withstanding Voltage
1000V r.m.s   at sea level
Working Voltage
335Vr.m.s   at sea level
Insulation Resistance
≥ 5000 MΩ
≥ 500(cycles)
Contact resistance:
Center Contact   ≤ 3mΩ
Outer Contact   ≤ 2.5mΩ
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio:
flex cable          ≤ 1.10+0.02f
Semi-rigid cable   ≤ 1.07+0.018f
Right angle
flex cable         ≤ 1.20+0.03f
Semi-rigid cable   ≤ 1.17+0.02f
We can provide other materials and plating specifications according to customers'requirements.  RF Coaxial connector TNC to SMA adapter TNC male to SMA female adapter RF connector

TNC to SMA Adapters

Shenghao supplies a variety of RF coaxial adapters, that allows connection between same and different series connectors. Shenghao coaxial adapters have excellent electrical performance. TNC to SMA Adapters(female to male, male to female, female to female, male to male) are all available here.  

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