MMCX Connector For Flexible Cable

MMCX Connector For Flexible Cable
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MMCX Connectors for Flexible Cable 

MMCX Connectors are micro-minature interconnects with snap-on coupling. MMCX Connectors can add flexible Cable as RG 174, RG 316 or RG 178. MMCX cable connectors are smaller micro coaxial connectors than MCX and produced in accordance with the requirements of CECC22340. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, reliable connection and plug self-locking structure, this makes MMCX a certain shock impact resistance. It is widely used to connect RF cables for small communication and networking equipment.

Key performance
Characteristic impedance: 50 Ohms 
Frequency range:0~6GHz

VSWR :≤ 1.3
Contact resistance:
       Center conductor : ≤ 10.0m Ohms 
       Out conductor : ≤ 5.0m Ohms
Insulation resistance : ≥ 500m Ohms 
Insulator voltage withstanding : 500V
Connector durability : 500 cycles
Applicable spec/std: GJB681A(CECC22340)

Center contacts:
          Female---beryllium copper, gold plated 

Male---bronze, gold plated.        
Bodies and other metal parts:
          brass, gold plated 
Insulators: TFE
Crimp ferrule: copper, nickel plated.
Gasket and seal rings: silicone rubber
Heat-shrink tubing: thermofit plastic


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